Who are we?

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CLAYs AND HEALTH is a non profit network, whose purpose is to collect, check and publish information concerning the medical uses of clays.

This group includes:

* Specialists in alumina silicates - geologists, soil scientists, pharmacologists, physicists, chemists, doctors, veterinarians, healers, anthropologists - who assess and update the knowledge on the subject, by all means of investigation and experimentation (medical data banks, international statistical tests in hospital, results in clinic or office, ethnological investigation)

* Users of clays, eager to follow the development of research and benefit from practical advice on internal or external use of different mineral species.

THE GOAL is to provide individuals, communities and institutions, with tools culturally acceptable, accessible geographically and financially manageable.

THE SPECIFICITY is to optimize a traditionnal practice from the five continents, examining it in the light of modern scientific research.

THE PRIORITY is to help medical organisations and individuals in situations of poverty, isolation, war, displacement and / or natural disaster.

Our group focuses on primary health care for children, emergency care and survival technics for families, and access to drinkable water . Infectious problems - dirty wounds, abscesses, boils - digestive problems - diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, heartburn, nausea - skin problems and rheumatism pain and limitation are our priorities.
In hospitals we can also help with the improvement and maintenance of arterial and veinous blood vessels, as well as bedsores resorption. Clays have an analgesic effect most appreciated by patients.

Interventions at the request of the population has three stages:

* Immersion in the local population, we live with the group, eat drink and sleep with them ;

* Sharing information about the medical uses of clays, a little theory and a lot of practice;

* Collecting and analysing local clay deposits.

We work hand in hand with the local healers, inquiring about their medical uses of clays is part of our work, both out of our respect for the local people, and for further research.

Our organization operates on volunteer work, none of our researchers or field workers gets any pay. Only expenses are paid. Financing of field missions are partly paid by workshops on internal and external use of clays in Europe and every month of june in Paris.





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